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Kokoro Fasching
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I'm pretty sure that Judge has a grudge against LL because his JudgePlay RP<tm> was ruled adult and moved to Zindra. ^_^
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Susanne Pascale
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Originally Posted by Io Zeno View Post
Well, if it's the same judge and there is anything at all to the case, LL could be in trouble. He wasn't happy with them or the TOS at all and is now very familiar with the particulars and such. Who knows.
Yeah, I pretty much agree with you there. He did not seem terribly pleased with the TOS back then, but one ASSUMES this judge will fair. Despite what you read in the press and see on TV, most are. A few aren't but most try to be fair. I am not sure about Federal Procedure, but at least in CA State courts, you have the option of "papering" a judge, meaning you just sign a declaration saying you believe that the judge is prejudiced against you or your clients and you get a new judge. There are 3 lunatic judges in downtown LA that I paper everytime I get assigned to them. The risk is that you are likely to get assigned to one of the other lunatics if you do.

IF such a procedure is possible in Fed Court, it would not surprise me if LL objects to this judge.

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Io Zeno
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Oh, I didn't mean he was prejudiced, just that he had taken a dim view of their policies and rightly so, as far as I'm concerned. He also doesn't need to be educated about any of this.
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