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Rebirth of the Steam Deals thread
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Default Rebirth of the Steam Deals thread

Hi, apparently Valve has started the "Summer Sale" and didn't even check with me to see if it would be ok. At any rate there are a lot of great games up for grabs:

For under 10bux

Shogun Total War: Total war stops sucking with this one.
Mafia 2: The demo was fun! (I didn't buy the game).
Just Cause 2: Rodeo planes. Just youtube it or something. It's too crazy to explain.
Bioshock: It's bioshock, and not the shitty sequel.
Civ4: Do I even need to say anything?

But most importantly:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The only reason this isn't "Game of the year material is because it released the same year as Skyrim. It's definitely one of the best games I've played in the last five years though.

For under 5bux

Portal 2: It's portal. Two.
Terraria: If you like minecraft you'll like this.
Half Life 2: If you are a fan of shooters and haven't played this: you are broken.

For those of you that like to bundle your home phone and internet and vidya games:

The entire Bethesda Steam Collection: $49 (This includes Skyrim. Skyrim is being sold seperately for $39... this is a bit of a "no brainer")

The ID Software collection: Hahahaha don't buy this.

The THQ Collection: Saints row and space marines, Dawn of War 2, stalker... Company of heroes... this one is worth the buy.

Everything else looks like shit.
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