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Swifty ban/unban
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Default Swifty ban/unban

I think I have posted videos of this guys in the past.
He is the most subscribed WoW player currently.
He plays a warrior and has played a warrior since vanilla wow.
IMO hes a damn good pvper and has helped the WoW community in many different ways. He is also sponsored by Razer and a couple other gaming companies.

On Sunday night during a streaming event the server he plays on Darkspear-US the person hosting before him was trying to get the server to crash by spamming chat and having people create level 1 hunter alts. When John(aka Swifty) took over he repeatedly told people to stop and not to crash the server. In the end the server crashed and people started reporting John as the person responsible for the problems. Yes it was him hosting the live broadcast, but he stated several times for people to stop and not to crash the server. About two hours into the stream John gets a whisper from a GM telling him he is banned. The outcry and support from the people that support him has Blizzard turning tail and unbanned him sometime yesterday.

I dont agree with what happened on the server it wasnt a benefit or charity thing like has been put on in the past by a certain hunter. But he was telling people look dont crash the server stop doing that. And its been stated by people that were watching the live stream it was the jackoff before him that put people up to the whole ordeal. I also know that Blizzard knows banning this guy could and would be a bad business deal. Its been noted that when the warrior from the former guild Nihilum quit wow half a million people quit too. Then most recently was when Cinderhelm of tankspot fame quit another half a million people quit the game. I think if this ban would have stuck atleast one to two million people would have cancelled their accounts. And Blizzard would have a lot of explaining to do with one of their top business partners, Razer Gaming. I would hate to be the GM that made the call to ban John (aka Swifty)

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The following user says thanks:

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Just a couple update videos.
Trust me watch the second one.

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This user laughed so hard that they peed a little:
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