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Happy B-Day Ari!!

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Originally Posted by Arilynn View Post
It's multifaceted. Some folks are only concerned with CIs in minors, especially very young kids, and think that a CI should not be implanted until the kid is able to decide for themselves. The other side points out that the biggest gains in terms of sound processing and language development are to the very young and don't think any kid would reasonably choose to decline a CI. That "reasonable" part can be divisive. Some have had very negative experiences with CIs - headaches, increases in vertigo and/or tinnitus, poor sound quality - and mainly object to what they see as propaganda that CIs are without flaw. Some don't view deafness as a problem, that is only hearing people who make it a problem, and so dislike the idea that it must be "cured" in order to facilitate interaction with hearing people. Among those, some fear that Deaf culture (and thus Deaf identity and Deaf people) will disappear some day soon with advances in technology, with CI as just a start. Some have had bad experiences with hearing parents of deaf babies who come into Deaf spaces to talk about getting their kids CIs. Those conversations - IRL or online - can be ugly on both sides, with some truly heartless behavior from Deaf folks and pretty (usually unintentionally) offensive and ignorant stuff from the parents. From stuff like that, some Deaf people dislike the attitude of some parents with CI kids who refuse to teach them ASL or think of them as deaf. Then there are plenty of deaf folks with CIs who love them, had tremendous success with them, and fully support their use, even in infants. And plenty of deaf/Deaf folks who refuse to engage in any of this, just like any hot topic in any community.
Sorry to necro, just wanted to tell you Ari that I heard something on the This American Life podcast about a guy who got a cochlear implant and turned it off. Listening to his explanation gave me further insight. Between your post here and that I think I finally "got it".

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well"
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