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InWorldz 0.3.23 R522 Server Change Log
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Default InWorldz 0.3.23 R522 Server Change Log

Lots of good things came in this recent server code rollout. The biggest bestest thing IMHO is the ability for a sim to hold multiple avatars now with negligible performance hit. 50+ has been attained before bad stuffs happen. InWorldz continues to blaze the path towards the best VW out there. Thanks for the hard work Tranquility and crew!


Originally Posted by Tranquility Dexler
Over the past few days we've worked hard at rolling out the latest and greatest simulator software to the grid. This particular set of changes has been a daunting project over a month in a half. After the test on IDI with 50 avatars I knew we had finally gotten somewhere with it and it's now rolled out for you to use and abuse.

Here is a summary of changes and hopefully nothing is missed. Our previous revision was R398. Ill try not to get too technical so you can see what should be improved.

* Many fixes to default animation handling in ScenePresence, particularly removing duplicate notifications, making changes to the current default animation at the same time, failure to handle landings correctly, getting stuck in a falling state ("flailing about" problem), and improper notifications of prejump and landing animations.

* Fixed a problem in About Land where the the *parcel* prim limit is also being filled into the field where the total *region* prim limit should be. (The same number is being filled into both fields.)

* Added addition support for fallback regions besides IDI, this has to be configured and then you will start seeing less people land at IDI when regions go down

* Fix a few small bugs with handling foreign languages in asset names and descriptions

* Fixed a problem with the second prim count in About Land. It was always saying the total (second number) was the region prim limit, but in the case where the parcel owner did not own the full region, it should have been a smaller number depending on the total of all parcels owned by that user or group.

* Asset pipeline security fixes. (Thanks: Ratchet Xevion)

* Fixed a problem where inventory offers did not work cross sim

* Patch llGiveInventory to work across simulators

* Security fix for inventory items and asset IDs (Thanks: Ratchet Xevion)

* Fixed money events to go to the root prim in a link set if a child prim with no money event is paid.

* Fixed llGiveMoney() to report an error to the DEBUG_CHANNEL if PERMISSION_DEBIT was not available. (Previously, it was correctly failing the operation, but doing so silently.)

* Completely overhaul and rewrite all packet handing and job handling functions. Switch to an async model for networking.

* Completely overhaul handling of connections with low max bandwidth or poor quality.

* Overhaul the allocation, handling, and usage of memory in regards to networking (memory allocation is NOT free, even with a GC)

* Patched a permissions issue dealing with friend editing

* Use DB transactions and improve the way appearance changes are handled and stored

* Fix a bug in multiple attachment assignment

* Fixed the ruth initial rez cloud issue (on MOST vieiwers, some still have issues)

* Fix race condition on replace outfit and other appearance changes

* Improve the performance and server impact of retrieving prim inventory

* Improve handling of IMs for group chat to create less load on the database server

* Improve the performance of the world map. This is still not 100% but is useable now.

* Change the way that ObjectUpdate's are handled.

* Fixes to groups, search, group members, notifications, etc..

The main thing with this update is that it will allow more people to hang out on a region without killing it, and still being able to interact and have fun. Regions that have issues with scripts lagging and terminating them will still have those issues, but that is our next project to tackle.

Thank you for being a friend of InWorldz. We promise to keep working hard to make this place better.

Oh oops..

I also forgot the swiss cheese problem/holey avatar problem will be almost completely eliminated once HTTP textres are rolled out. Very very soon. You should already notice a big difference.


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Originally Posted by Tranquility Dexler
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick note here as to what we're doing, and where we see our schedule and projections.

R525 was released to the grid and it patches a few more issues people have found since the initial release of this major revision. Thank you for your bug reports and feedback they've helped us to get a lot of bugs nailed down. If your region is running R522 or older just give us a shout and we'll update it. The automated update process should've taken care of most of the grid but sometimes a configuration or other issue prevents an update from rolling out.

The major work in this revision was done to the network stack. As evidenced by IDI we can get some really awesome performance out of this and look forward to a time when we can get 2x and 3x as many avatars on a region. This will be possible since our bottleneck was memory which will be handled in the future with more memory leak fixes and 64 bit builds. But 50 is a great milestone and will serve us well in the coming weeks.

We also need to get HTTP textures rolled out and the firewalls properly configured for this on your servers. This will again improve the stability of your regions by entirely bypassing the simulator process for texture requests.

As always Im going to be very honest and open. We're behind a little bit already because I wanted to make sure this release is as fleshed out as it could be before moving on. We cant have a lot of bugs happening in the background and people waiting for fixes while we're working on a big project like this. So Im taking a bit of extra time to try and wrap things up and investigate any critical and immediate issues people have been having.

Our next major project is the script engine. This will involve a complete rewrite of the lexer, scheduler.. everything. But before that we're going to take a little time to add in self service backup and restore facilities as well as finally getting regions configured the right way to do self restarts. I feel these two items have been sitting too long and our current customers have been needing this more and more. Our current backup and restore is labor intensive and involves manipulating database backups and live tables. I want to give our residents something they can use when they need it and not have to panic if there is no one available to restore a region for them. Based on demand, I feel the need for this to get finished before we move further with our original plans.

I expect all physics and script engine work to be done and on the main grid by the end of Q1 2011. Note originally I was planning on physics work starting in January, and rolling physics out around February. So it's a slight deviation but I think we'll end up needing more time to test the script engine than I had anticipated initially. The last thing I want is to roll this out and have a bunch of scripts break.

I know what kind of awesome plans are in the works for physics and scripts, so we're going to try and nail this as best we can the first time. As always we'll be looking for testing help in the coming weeks for these systems and you've never failed us there so thank you again.

For those disappointed about the time frame the only thing I can see is it's not for a lack of effort on the part of anyone involved. Sometimes projects end up needing more TLC than you initially estimate and we're going to do our best to provide a great solution for everyone.

Until then, for those wanting to have a preview at sailing the waters around your sims, ask around. There are a few vehicles available that seem to do a pretty good job even without physics and I was quite amazed at the talent of our resident scripters.

Thank you everyone for being here. It's a great pleasure seeing all you do.
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