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I need a new program and a new approach...
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Default I need a new program and a new approach...

First off, I've been in a musicwriter's block for close to 2 years. Every time I start to work on something for more than 15 minutes, I think to myself "I've done something like that before. It's pointless to do that again."

And now I've become bored with the instruments that I use. I have a pretty big selection, but I'm still bored with it, and none of them sound current, to me I sound 10 years behind no matter what I make, at least when doing electronic stuff anyway.

I've been using tracker-style music programs to create music since around 1990 back on the Amiga. Back then I used MED, then it became OctaMED, then I switched to the PC version MED Soundstudio, then in 2004 I switched to Renoise and have been using that ever since--frustrated that I can't do smooth pitch bends on Midi and VST instruments.

I think I'm burned out on trackers, at least for a while, and I haven't been keeping up with current electronic sounds and instruments.

I'm somewhat curious about the programs people use to make a lot of dubstep, but only if I'm not locked down to a 4/4 time signature. But I'm curious about new programs to make electronic music in general. It'd be nice if I could record samples with it so I could have a finished product with vocals, but it's not absolutely necessary. Being able to change time signatures IS crucial though.

Any suggestions?
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Kick Frenzy

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I used to make a bunch of "music", although it was less "electronic" and more experimental.
But, the point is that I appreciate being able to ignore time signatures altogether.
Which brings me to... AcidPro.
Have you checked it out?
(And/or their sister site, AcidPlanet)

There's also the Aviary Music Creator which could be useful in making loops and stuff.

I'm a HUGE fan of Sound Forge for fuckin with samples.
So many options and so much you can do to a sounds... it's a blast!

For all I know, this is all old news and not quite the "new and shiny" variety.
But... that's what I got.
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I been using a Novation Launchpad for Ableton Live. It allows me to loop if I want and jam if I don't. Everything can be done in real time after a few sounds are prepared and it can be relaxing just to tinker with it. (^_^)

One thing I also found myself doing was ~not~ using any pre-made samples. I have TAL-Noisemaker and TAL-Bitcrusher and with those to, I'm able to make everything from percussion beats to wub-wubs and wow-wows. =^-^=

I should record it some day. It's too easy to get carried away when tinkering with the thing that I forget to launch Audacity. DX

... Though, it ~can~ record itself, pre-DA... (>.>)
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Panentheistic Harridan

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It may seem completely counterintuitive, and might not work for music as well as it does for the visual art, but I figured I'd toss it out here.

I've been finding that when I'm blocked, I do better by going further backwards in time. I spend some time looking into Japanese paintings, for instance, or Incan textiles, or prehistoric sculptures before trying to "move forwards".

Something about the ancient and timeless stuff opens my brain in new directions and slingshots me past my previous "now" stuck point.
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