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Selecting Friend's Prims and Editing Problem
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Westley Roberts

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Default Selecting Friend's Prims and Editing Problem

So, the title was supposed to be like a Newspaper headline, giving you a bit of info to get you into the meat..

I have been editing all kinds of prims in the past, mine, and my friends (that have given rights)...

I used to be able to click on them, have them highlight and let me muddle thru. I could even select individual prims via the edit box and adjust things as needed. Hell, I used to be able to highlight a spot of ground covered by others prims and get a count of how many were out.

Mysteriously, I can no longer do that.

I highlight an object of multiple prims owned by another. Click the button to select individual prims, and POOF, the selection is gone, all the highlighted prims are deselected.

In other news, I own the SIM on which my friends and I reside. I can open "About Land", go to the Objects tab, and click on refresh listing of placed objects. I then see all my friends and their prim counts. I click my name, and all my prims highlight in white. NOW... I USED TO BE ALBE to click their names and see their prims highlighted as well. NO LONGER ! ! !

With both these problems... is it a new thing in SL, or do I have some stoopid button pressed in some Viewer ??

Presently I use Phoenix, but have SL V2 avail for troubleshooting...
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Lucifer Baphomet
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Sounds like the option to select other peoples objects has been turned off.

It's in the tools menu

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Westley Roberts

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OMG, if it is that easy, I'm just going to shoot myself...

~~~ EDIT ~~~
Yepps That Worked ! ! !

searches for : fail :

Last edited by Westley Roberts; 05-18-2011 at 08:48 AM. Reason: Updating that I'm an idiot...
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Panentheistic Harridan

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