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Hi !

Big oops in the last release : one would still TP right back into a cell even after having been released from it. Plus, after discussing with Henri, the new way of handling @standtp wasn't really API-compliant... If I don't respect my own spec 100%, then who will ?

Just for your info, here are the two ways of handling @standtp in the code :

- The old way (as specified in the API) : if you sit down, the viewer retains your last standing location, and when you stand up it TPs you back there if @standtp is active. Problem is, if you sit down outside of a cell that was restricting you and that decides to release you because your position is outside its zone, then @standtp is no longer active when you stand up and you're free. But that's the problem of the cell, rather than the problem of the RLV.

- The new way (not really API-compliant, and maybe could cause issues for RLV relays with safewords) : if you sit down and @standtp is active, then it retains your last standing location. When you stand up, it TPs you back to that location whether @standtp is active or not, provided that this location is not zero. Works well to fix that possible loophole described above, but what about RLV relays that use safewords ? And what about the API itself, which explains that @standtp must be active for you to TP back to your spot ? After all, with this solution, even after a @clear (so you're completely free of all RLV restrictions), you're still somewhat subjected to a "ghost" RLV restriction without knowing it. In short, this way of doing things creates more problems than it solves.

All this to say, here is the latest version of the viewer that switches back to the old solution, while keeping @standtp consistent over relogs (if you sit down outside a cell and log off, when you log back on it will TP you back to your cell), and with the bug fix I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post :

- fixed : When @standtp is lifted, no longer TP back to the last location after standing up (wherever we may be).
- changed (again) : Switched back to the old way of handling @standtp (as in, and before), except that it is still consistent over relogs. I switched back because the ex-new way was not really API-compliant and might have been problematic for RLV relays with safeword features.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

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