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Default My Notes

I considered this sauce to be a failure on my part. I didn't like the color or texture, or even the taste.

I had added extra stock as was suggested if desired, and actually used less of the pureed mushroom than called for (because, you recall, I had thrown out the first batch, which had the amount called for). Next time, I would use even more stock to improve the texture, if possible. (Course using broth instead of stock might be another problem.)

But there won't be a next time, because although I like mushrooms, this was entirely too mushroomy for me. Hubby liked it, though. I said, would you like me to make it again? No, he said, not if you don't like it. If I had liked it, he would have said sure.

I would also go buy some Kitchen Bouquet to add to it if I made it again to make it browner, as well as use much more liquid, so as to get a much saucier end product. It never got away from the dog food effect. It just became, more diluted dog food. Like I said, a failure.

As for the phyllo chicken, it was okay. Certainly something different, and easy enough to make, so I might make it again. But I would serve it with a gravy or sauce much more liquidy! Hubby pronounced the whole dish "fine."*

ETA: Or better yet, make the vermouth sabayon sauce to go with it.

*To understand hubby's scale: Being a man of few words, he has essentially four responses. Going from best to worst: (1) "It's good." (2) "It's fine." (3) "It's okay." (4) "Don't make it again, I don't care for it."

"Good" is actually quite a bit better than "fine." "Fine" is pretty good, but he's not going to write home about it. "Okay" is, as it says, okay, but probably not something he thinks I should go to too much trouble for again. The last is ... definitely not good, fine, or okay.

There is actually one higher praise point, but it doesn't happen much - the last time I remember was the coconut custard pie Shaggy and I made. That consisted of considerable sounds of pleasure and the suggestion that I should go into the pie-making business. Oh yeah, and the parmesan chicken.

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