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Originally Posted by Dale Innis View Post
That is so weird! Is it still doing it? I imagine you tried exiting an' going back in? 'cause that is the same version that I have, an' it isn't doing that, an' i can't find the switch that you had to turn off in earlier versions (I think they took that feature out 'cause it wasn't working).

One very geeky thought; in \Program Files\Greenlife Emerald Viewer\app_settings or equivalent, there is a file "settings.xml". In there there is a section that looks something like:

<string>now you fucked up</string>

If that last "0" there somehow got to be a "1", that could be a problem. But there shouldn't be any way for it to be a "1", I don't think!

umm huh? lol ok yer wayyy over my head..
last night i uninstalled, deleted and erased then downloaded a new vwrsion and reinstalled and same issue
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this is not a court... I donīt need to prove it, I am talking straight to your face and to your ill mind

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