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So, I have a question to ask you folks who've read my novel, or anyone who reads in general, really.

It's a tiny spoiler on something I'm trying to write through at the moment. It's not major, but just to be safe, I'm going to (try and) hide the question in case you don't want to see. Seriously, though, very minor spoiler, and I could use the help. Though you might want to hide your response, just to be nice.

If something is spoken in a foreign language that doesn't use the Roman alphabet, would you rather it be written phonetically, or left in it's native alphabet? One would be easier to read, or at least pretend to read, but the other would be easier to Google Translate for those so inclined. Although, I've done the Google Translate, and of the five sentences, only two actually make any sense when auto-translated back out of said language.

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