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Awww... Morgaine... don't be sorry. This is your thread and you babble as you need.

I understand. I have a couple of unfinished things holding me back. One of my artist friends told me to take a photo of the painting I can't finish. I can't finish it because I am afraid to fuck up one part of the painting I am so pleased with. He said, take a photo so it is preserved as is and then go at it with all kinds of crazy.

Then, using the photo... bring it back to it's original state. Wow.

I still have not done it.

I hope I am part of your life and one you can count among those who support your creating art. You need to do this for you and for your children. It helps make you a better person. It makes you happy. It helps you recreate yourself on a continuous basis. Recreation is essential.

Now I am the one "off the hook babbling" as well.

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Where there's art, there's hope.
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