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Originally Posted by Dakota Tebaldi View Post
I have no idea what any of this actually means, but it sounds kinda hot.

I'd hate to be an interfering busy-body, and you know I think you've been doing a wonderful job with Cody thus far, but I have to ask - do you think it might be time to have "the talk" with him? And if so, perhaps it would be easier for him if we dragged one of the guys in to help out - I note that both Envoy and Johnny are in this thread for example, and I'm sure either would do a sterling job.

We could ask Luc - he's very generous and always happy to help with anything. Though I can't help but suspect that his approach might be a little beyond the "Sex 101" level we need here:

Originally Posted by Lucifer Baphomet View Post
So, I'm guessing you've never pulled a tampon out of a girl, by grabbing the string with your teeth, pulling your head back, and then went on to lick her pussy, Dakota?
Anyway, just a thought, and keep up the good work - I don't envy your job!

All the best,
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