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Originally Posted by Mr Mallard View Post
Can you watch flash movies sites on it like Hulu? Can you play Farmville? I want to know! iphone not do flash.
It has flash v9 (v10 is coming via update) and flash movies are no problem, I have played them myself.
I cannot vouch for Hulu and Farmville but I think I read that both are possible. Being in NZ I cannot access Hulu and I don't have a Farcebook account and so don't play farmville.

Not only is MicroB tone of the best web browsers available on a mobile you can also load Fennec which is basically a smaller firefox with most of the important things still in there.

Still not happen with compatibility? Load a Full Debian distribution on the device and run whatever you like.

Almost anything is possible on this machine because you get a root shell and it multitasks like a desktop...smoothly.
People have had it emulating Windows 95/98, MacOS X, dual-booting Android, running Quake 3 (at full speed), GIMP, OpenOffice, etc.

Not being *that* much of a geekette, I haven't done much with mine as it pretty much does everything I want out of the box with a few additions from the growing repository of apps available via the inbuilt application download manager.

You can read all about it here:

The most interesting parts are the Maemo 5 and the n900 sections.
I think pretty much any question you can think of has been asked there already.
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