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That's a good question so I looked it up.

Apparently, it is not; it's one the point races for the men's Road World Cup - basically all the (many) different races that cyclists race in give them points depending on how well they do; and at the end of the year, the most points wins the big award. There is a Women's too, but they have their own races. Unfortunately, all their races seem to currently be one-day events. The men's Cup has plenty of one-day events too, but there aren't any large tours for women today.

It sounds like, starting in the 50's, there was a multi-stage women's tour race in France, but it always struggled to get funding and never had the same publicity as the historic Tour de France, and seems to have shrunk little by little until the last year it was held, 2009.

ETA Oops! I guess I shoulda reloaded the page before I replied. Didn't realize that Io already had it covered.
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