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Some numbers from that battle:

Totals destroyed:

Titans – 75 (74 in system, one on its way to the fight) N3/PL lost 59 titans and CFC/DTF lost 16 titans

Titan losses by type: Gallente Erebus – 37, Amarr Avatar – 25, Minmatar Ragnarok – 13, Caldari Leviathan - 0

Supercarriers – 13 (12 in system, one as it tried to escape the system)

Dreadnaughts – 370 (356 in system, 14 in connected skirmishes as both sides attempted to stop the other from bringing reinforcements)

Carriers – 123 (109 in system, 14 in connected skirmishes as both sides attempted to stop the other from bringing reinforcements)

And lots more smaller ships and probably a bajilion drones and fighters

In comparison, the previous record for largest single battle Titan losses was a tie between battles in “O2O” and “Uemon”, with 12 total Titans destroyed in each.

Approximately 775 doomsdays were fired, which is about 24% of all the doomsdays fired in the last two years inclusive. The Battle for HED-GP, which preceeded this one in the Halloween War, had about 200 doomsdays.
The battle:

In that second image, every red or orange dot represents a player ship or player-controlled drone.

Over 6,000 unique players participated in the 20-hour battle (2,600 was the highest in-system-at-one-time count), with an additional 1,500 players fighting in related battles in adjacent systems, which could make this incident the largest single online game event in history in terms of player participation.

ETA: I'm not going to bother posting the amount of ISK (in-game currency) that was lost in terms of destroyed ships and equipment and such; the reason being because - like in that Yahoo article and all other RL news articles, comparisons are inevitably drawn to the equivalent in "real world" money, and such comparisons are always extremely misleading at the very best. However, in terms of a less liquid resource like player time...each of those titans costs months (of real-time) to build, and a ridiculous sum of in-game currency and resources which themselves take non-trivial amounts of time to acquire (in fairness, in-game currency can be bought with real money kinda-sorta, which leads to the faulty comparisons I mention above; but it's not a direct exchange and nothing of value can be converted back into real money). And that's not mentioning the over-a-year it takes for a player to train up the skills necessary to be able to do everything involved in building and ultimately flying a titan. The 59 titans that PL lost in this battle represent the culmination of several years of combined playing time on the part of an army of cooperating players.
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