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Yes, Dakota, it's changed a lot!

Homes have gotten very good, and you can find great ones for very little money, especially if all you require is a skybox sized one. In fact, you can even get free ones at times that are of very good quality from joining certain groups.

I have one that I got from someone that just joined here, Elle, she is of Designer Prims. It was only $50L! It's probably my favorite one ever. Incredibly detailed, shadows, windows that work, texture changing, etc.

The house I had on the ground (I'm moving soon and changing homes) was from InVerse - that one I think was only like $350L and came with all the furniture too - with really good animations in it. The furniture was a bit overscaled for my size but for someone else would have worked well. I personally replaced a lot of it because it just wasn't my taste but there was nothing wrong with any of it at all.

And furniture in general? There are so many groups now that give away stuff, or really low priced specials you can easily furnish on little money. It's really astonishing.
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