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Originally Posted by Monna View Post
It looked real to me and the wet mouth of his also looked real.
well duh. you don't expect them to make it look fake do you?

i mean seriously.... do you really think they are going to let an 11 year old kid actually breastfeed in the name of fiction? that right there is kiddie porn and sexual abuse of a minor and a whole lot of other bad things that children services come and lock you away for. that entire scene HAD to be set up, the parents were probably right there, child services was probably there, they probably had a friggin psychologist or something there AND they used a fake tit and fake moisture.

if ever there was a time when the producers would have to tred carefully, this would be it.

also a skinny Lysa with big plump juicy well-formed tits. they'd have to find an actual recently pregnant gal for that. them titties was fake.
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