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I was asked to do some window paintings on the old Cafe building to spruce it up for the Fourth.

The "theme" that some in town like to build their celebrations around is "Redneck in Ramona". I'm not completely comfortable w/ all that, having so many friends who would definitely not fit the redneck archetype, but I was able to manage a bucolic/red-white-blue kind of thing that answered the call without being too weirdly KKK-ish...

Mind you, I grew up in some quasi- "rednecky" turf, back before Rhinebeck became such a boutiquey town there were mornings where the black angus were blocking the one red-light intersection in town on our way to school in the mornings. And I worked on cow [and horse] farms back then, too. And there were more than a few people in plaid shirts and jeans running around as well. Kansans tend to be shocked that I know how to do things like clean my own fish and properly cook a venison roast... but NY is NOT all skyscrapers and asphalt. Yet.

The whole shebang.

Jess drove by whilst I was in the midst and asked me to add a few flourishes to the barbershop as well. So I did...

Designing it took about an hour of cut'n'paste on the puter, painting it took maybe another hour. Probably less.

I was going to do rocket-booster cows exploding in the sky and a few other things [after talking to Sans and P2] but decided to be gentle... This was a couple of days ago, just got around to uploading the photos Matt took.
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