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As for the new bed set and curtains, I tell you I am thrilled with them! I love seeing those curtains every time I go past that room, or come out of our bedroom.

Since I'm home basically 24/7, I say pleasing me is worth it!

It will be a while before I take any pictures. Right now I'm going through clothes. I have more clothes that don't fit me than do. So I have them laid out and hung up in there, waiting for my older daughter to come over and see if she wants any before I get rid of them. (Don't worry, I'm saving those a size or two down. I'm just getting rid of those 3-4 sizes down. These are old clothes!)

This was the last room I had to go through before the downstairs flooded. So this project is left over from then.

But it do pleasure me greatly to be doing it in a room that has pretty grown-up curtains and bedspread now! lol
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