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Oh! I thought you were talking about the carpet.

Yeah, expensive. That's why I put off getting them. I tried another kind of rug, but it looked like a bath mat in the kitchen, so I took it back.

These Dirtstoppers are flat enough for a door to go over, and - ironically - because they don't try to look like anything else, they don't seem out of place, even with three of them at each door in a somewhat small kitchen, and even though they are a darker color than the floor. They look utilitarian, which is somehow a good thing.

We'll see how they do, and then I may order more for other doors in the house. I already bought all three they had in the store.


Don't know how they'd be with throw up. But I'd say you should be counting your lucky stars that your cat heads for the mat you have! I wouldn't switch it out for anything! I would have given anything if our cat had done that. He would head OUT of the kitchen or bathroom in order to throw up on the carpet.
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