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So. I got the shams on and the curtains ironed and up. I decided that the wider striped edge on the curtains was fine, and probably preferable to the ones I thought I was ordering, in that it gives it more style, and gives a sharper, more modern cut to an old-fashioned thing, if you know what I mean - manages to make it a bit more of a statement, a bit edgier.

Plus I had them. Turned out it took both. What I will do now is order one from this place that shows it with just the striped edge binding, to cover the seat, and hope it really comes that way.

The pictures my mother painted are replaced with the brown birdy ones. They will need lowering, but I can probably even do that by myself, since the placement is right - just needs lowering. There is another pic that needs to be replaced (but I don't have anything for there), and the matter of a floor lamp. So this will still take a while.

You know, these valances are lined! And the bedspread is reversible (to stripes, not that I'd ever do that). I still can't believe I got all this for $203. It would have been $29 less if I hadn't gotten the pillow, but I had to buy that, too, because, you know, it was there, lol). I think I couldn't find this bed set all these frustrating years because I was waiting for it to be discontinued and the price to go down, haha.

I took a pic of the former valance (the pastel one) which I will post when I get a chance.
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