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So, two shams are ironed and on. Oddly, they are about two inches wider all around than the standard pillows I got for them today. Maybe I'll fill them in with polyester fill. I didnt have time to do the third one before hubby shooed me out.

Meanwhile, hubby dug up - without my further prompting from me save that one mention the other day! - those pictures I was talking about. I've only opened one of them, but yep - they seem perfect enough to justify packing up the paintings Mother did and putting them in there instead.

So far, so good!

I also got three rugs called "Dirtstoppers" at Kohls, which I've read good reviews about, to put at the three doors in the kitchen, in an attempt to keep this new carpet clean. A couple of coil ones to go outside (hope they will do good), and I still have a few more to get for the other doors. Hopefully this will remove some of my anxiety.

The other day I spilled some Diet Coke behind the bed. I had to wait till hubby got home to move the bed away from the wall. This was about seven hours later. There were two spills back there, each about a tablespoon's worth (most of it had gotten on the bed). Well, it was just sitting on TOP of the carpet! Hubby says this might be because the carpet is made of plastic - recycled pop bottles. Well, if this is the way it's gonna be, I'm a happy camper!
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