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So it took me about an hour to iron the bedskirt (wrinkled from the packing), then my husband put it on, and I'll put on the rest (shams still need ironing and I need two more pillows to go inside) later.

My word, but does it look perfect! I was right to be excited! Well, awfully perfect considering the eclecticness of what's in the room. But it is perfect with my great-aunt's dressing table. All pretty old-fashioned looking. But well, hey,when you're dealing with old people's furniture, stuff, pictures, etc., well hey, it's all SUPPOSED to be a tad old-fashioned anyway, right?

More overtly so than my general hodge-podge of style, but for what it all is and is meant to be, this spread set IS perfect. And pleasing to me, unlike that other set (which was *cheaply* old-fashioned, you know what I'm saying) that I kept trying to talk myself into.

What I have over the bed now are my mother's paintings of me and my brother when we were little. I was thrilled to display them, and they went pretty well with the younger daughter's pastel childhood set. But I have these brown pictures with birds that used to climb the stairs in our old house which I'm pretty doggone sure will be better, and possibly perfect.

So I'm gonna cajole the hubby into finding them for me. (Maybe he'll find the missing daughter's bedset, too, while he's at it, so I can give that away with its curtains.) I started to feel bad about the idea of storing the paintings, till I realized rather instantaneously that my mother would be all for going for what is better, assuming it is, or even perfect.

She didn't like really those paintings, by the way, because the perspective was off in places. I, of course, love them. But God knows, they won't be the only paintings that belonged to her I have stored. A house is only so big.

Anyway, yay!

P.S. I expected the bedskirt to be slit up each side, for going over the bar that holds the mattress. But NOOOOOOO. To fix that, I'd have to take it off and make slits myself and hem them, which I'm not actually chomping at the bit to do.
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