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And the website didn't work. The more frustrated I got about the website, the more I realized I really wanted this set. I tried the desktop computer, no go. I found the belk Facebook site, and discovered that yes, it was down, and people were upset. (You couldn't really tell if it was down or it was you, when you were trying to order.)

Tried ordering by phone, but they relied on the same down system. Well, maybe it's not to be, I told myself. But I kept an eye on the site, and when it came up, I ordered. And they processed it immediately! (Maybe because they'd gotten all their orders caught up while the site was down.)

So now I'm waiting its arrival. I hope it comes before hubby gets home, so I can put it on and up and wait till he notices it! (Rather than endure his usual comments when he sees something coming into the house.)

Mainly, though, I hope it WORKS. As in color, print, etc. It's rather bold (for me), but I hope not in an in-your-face way. It's Waverly, so how bad can it be?

When my mother had this daybed, which she slept on after she got too old to go upstairs, she had it done up in one of my grandmother's hand-made quilts, and it was gorgeous. I have all the quilts now, of course, but my husband uses this bed to get dressed and undressed from every day, which means throwing hangers and everything on it, including change and other pockets' contents (even though I've given him a nice basket for that), and sometimes, God help us, his SHOES.

So I couldn't use the quilt, just like I decided I couldn't risk one of them downstairs either (which is why I bought that other bedspread). And his junk is why the daybed set had to be a PRINT, too, so a mark or stain wouldn't ruin the whole thing, which made the daybed bedding hunt even harder.

I was hoping writing about it would make it come. Alas, not yet. But it has helped me to handle my excitement/anxiety! Silly, I know. I don't care. Now - back to hoping it works. And even that it comes and is the right product.
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