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Waiting for Bedspread
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Default Waiting for Bedspread

I'm all excited in a superficial fashion over . . . another bedspread. I've been tracking it on Fed Ex and it is supposed to come today. I've rarely been this eagerly anticipating something, so I really hope it works when I get it.

BACKGROUND: What happened was, when older daughter reached mid-teens, she moved into the bottom level, which has a bedroom attached to a bathroom, and my office, which had been in that room, moved up here, with younger daughter's room and our room.

Older daughter took with her her dolphin bedspread and curtains, and one weekend when she was gone (I think they went camping), my girlfriend and I did a whole "Trading Spaces" episode on that room, painting one was deep blue with waves on it, recovering a chair in blue material, putting dolphin stuff in the bathroom etc. Older daughter loved it.

Then older daughter went to college and moved out, and younger daughter eventually got courage enough to take her turn, and moved down there where she would be "by herself" (it was a rather useful transitition-to-adulthood room that way). What surprised me was she didn't want to take her own bedspread and curtains, but preferred the entire dolphin thing, which she was happy in for several years till she, too, flew the coop.

(This dolphin room you know because I put pictures and stuff when I transformed it out of dolphins and into guest room, and also after it flooded.)

SO: Meanwhile, woth older daughter gone and younger daughter downstairs, the bedroom upstairs became the sewing room/guest room, with my mother's day bed in it. And all this time, it has had my daughter's old twin bedspread (which doesn't really fit) and her curtains. While this has worked okay, it is childish looking, and I really don't like pastels. It's not bad pastel, it's mostly blue, with pink, but still, it's pastels.

Hardly the sort of thing you rush to correct; not something I hated beyond reason, but not something up to reasonable standard, either. So for the past couple years, I've been searching for a daybed set. Well, daybed sets are NOT plentiful out there, especially not reasonable ones. And the sets seem either pastel and frou-frou, or plain and dark or beige, as if to fit into a den or something. Just really hard to find much of, and I've looked many times.

One of the things (very few) that haven't yet shown up from the whole-house après flood happens to be that pastel bedspread, and the curtains! Probably lost in the garage somewhere. So I took the opportunity to go on probably my twentieth search over the years for a daybed set. I found one that would, you know, DO - with matching curtains, but it was too red and too old-fashioned looking. I spent days going around with myself: "But it's there, and it's cheap, and it has curtains!" Yes, but . . . I don't really like it.

Then suddenly - I have done this search many ways, using different keywords - I happened on a combination that brought up a set, with curtains, using Waverly "Charleston Chirp" fabric, which, I eventually learned, has been discontinued. It was at Belk. Here was a bedspread I could get excited about! Which is the way things you spend good money on should be. And it was for sale! PLUS I had a coupon! Which was replicated on the website.
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