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Hi all! Hope yer weekend was super!

So I've not written a weekend update in, well, weeks. 'course, that's still only a page back. What is everyone doing?

It's SL8B time, which always takes up a lot of my energy and time. This year was no exception. Here's what my main build looks like, done for the Bay City Alliance.

And I also did work on the Second Life Children build, a-course.

If ya feel so compelled, you can read more about 'em at

Also this weekend, I spent time exploring Rizal. It's an old, old SL region, just east of the Ahern Welcome Area. For years, it had fallen into disuse and decay -- but no no more. This is a build that is worth your time, and is best with friends. Check it out. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Finally, it is Summer, so I am doing my fireworks shows on Livingtree again C'mon down f'r them on Saturdays at 8!

An that's it f'r now. How about the rest of ya? What are y'all doin?

EDIT: And this is why I don't much do these anymore. Killed the thread. Again. ::sigh::

"There's nothing objectionable nor illegal in having a child-like avatar in itself and we must assume innocence until proof of the contrary." - Lewis PR Linden
"If you find children offensive, you're gonna have trouble in this world " - Prospero Linden

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