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Originally Posted by Augustus Bainbridge View Post
So if I put it up there in PDF format, you'd be able to view it from the little whoosiewhatsit?

I could do that. I was actually thinking of having a PDF of "The Story Thus Far" available in the sticky-post.

I'm also thinking about paying a friend to be a web-guru, give me a quick set-up on a better layout, and teach me how to do some seemingly simplistic stuff.

Of course, I would be far more motivated once I got above the 100 page-views mark. I'm addicted to watching the little "Blog Stats" line dwindle a little bit with each update. :-/
A great thing about Wordpress (at least if you host it yourself, not sure about their free version on their site) is that you can just find a theme you like; you download the .zip file for it; then upload that .zip file into the 'Themes' area of your Wordpress blog and then you can activate.


At least that is how it works for the version I use for two blogs that I host on my own domain using Wordpress.
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