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Hypothetical...about renting Apts in SL
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Default Hypothetical...about renting Apts in SL

I don't even think I spelled that right.

Any who, I like renting apartments in SL because it's cheap, just enough prims and darn it I just plain like it. Gotta question though.

Hypothetically say you rented an awesome spot. Now with most of those "apartments" you have to be in the group to rez objects so not every Tom, Dick and Harry1234 can rez on your land. You rented 2 weeks, it is now 4 days in the rental and you IM'ed just about everyone you were supposed to that shows up under a certain tag in the group, including the owners. Say you even IM'ed a few other people who just happen to live around you to find someone to no avail.

What do you do?
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