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Dong attack: Chinese woman nearly loses face

Shanghai Daily reported that the man, only identified as "Dong", had been drinking heavily with his friends at lunch on Tuesday.

At about 2pm, he rushed onto the road near a bus station in Ouhai District. He then blocked a vehicle of a female driver, identified as "Du".

Dong then climbed on to the car's hood and started banging away at the windshield while Du screamed inside.

After a few minutes, Du decided to flee, and got out of the car. However, she was intercepted by Dong, who jumped on her and started gnawing on her face when the two of them fell on to the ground.

Pictures of the ghastly incident shows the hysterical woman crying while her face is covered with blood.

Passers-by said they tried to pull Dong off the woman but he appeared so "crazed" that they could not stop him.

Police officers finally arrived at the scene and stopped the man.

Du was sent to a nearby hospital, where she will likely need to undergo plastic surgery to repair the damage from the bites on her nose and lips.
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