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Currently working on three different things at once:

...making holiday goodies to send out in lieu of cards.
...doing some Perpetually Three LLC cogitating [biz stuff].
...and noodling over this "Hatchfund" crowd-sourcing thingie that I've signed up to do, in order to help finance the rest of the Cow Series.

The fibro makes my standard operating procedure of "day job" + "art job" too much for me to handle, so I've got to find new ways of paying for my paint habit. "Hatchfund" is a nonprofit so people can donate to my art-making funds AND claim it as tax-deductible. AND get a wee giftie from me in the process. Win/win/win.

This last thing being the one that's most on my mind. I had a talk with the Hatchfund lady re. all of this and she's urging me to get this up and going in the next week or so. Have to make a video too [bleah- hate having my picture taken, let alone being on a video].

I'm thinking signed postcards for people who can toss me 20-30, an 8x10 for 50-75, and maybe a small poster for those who can give 100. And for "Big" donors' gifties [more than 500] what do y'all think about the idea of a life-sized [30"x 40"] poster vs a 18 x 24 window cling ?

I'd love to do a small book with all of the Cow Series pieces in it, but that will have to wait until the series is actually finished [maybe another year or two].

I can't make up my mind... the polls are open... what do youse guys think? Inputs welcome...
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