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So, yesterday the nice [but tough] lady from the Hatchfund place called up and asked me what I've been doing lately to pitch my project. [My response was, ", um, nothing...?"] So she [nicely] read me the riot act and then asked me to forward all of my prior facebook pitches to her as well. Which is making my skin crawl... I really hate dealing with "publicity" and even moreso asking people for money.

Hate it.

But I'm trying. :P

Lest you all think it's gone away, I am STILL pitching for my Hatchfund project. I'm not proud- I'll happily smooch you on the cheek for whatever you can spare! and please share forward to all of your friends who might toss $10 in my online begging bucket. Here's the "updates" page with my latest:
The beginnings of the first of the cartoons [color studies] for The Big Un [the 4' tall by 6' wide piece I want to do of the Rosebank Church and environs]. Whoever can pitch in to my Hatchfund project, I'd be grateful- and if you can toss $1000 my way, I'll send you these working color studies [when I'm done using them] by way of a thank you.
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