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When I'm not Christmassing all over myself, I'm cowing...

Here's the series so far [mostly small pieces]:

Still doggedly persevering. I'm beginning work on the larger pieces. If you'd like to help to make this series a reality, you can contribute to the Hatchfund project, it's here:

Please share forward to those of your friends who love the arts. I promise I will work to the height of my abilities on this series- it matters greatly to me. Thanks.

I'm continuing to operate on the faith that somehow the money I'll need to do this project will come to me, whether via Hatchfund or by other means [thank you dear friends].

I'm still working on the "Gambol" piece, a smaller "fun" piece, but I also have been on a wee photo-safari [on the way home from dropping Matt at work] to make some "general balance" color-reference shots to augment the sketches and color studies I've done for the first large piece in the series.

By "large" I mean about 6' wide by 4' high [the "Meadow" painting, by contrast, which I've shown here, is 40"w x 30"h]. The view I'll be working from is of the landscape around the Rosebank Church- a little place between Ramona and Hope- in winter. The wild plants and grasses and field stubble are widely varying shades of ochre to orange to pink to rusty maroon, and those color details don't show in these photos.

They WILL, however, be in the painting. I'm posting a photo collage of the general image I have in mind, but don't let the somberness of this pastiche fool you- the final work will be highly textural, full of movement, and layered. It will still portray the mood of winter and the scale of place.

Last pitch. Thanks for putting up with me. Y'all rock.
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