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Parker House (28-32 pieces): Roll the first half into a circle, 3/8" thick. Cut with a 2-12" or 3" biscuit cutter. Place a light rolling pin in the center of the small rounds of dough. Carefully roll toward each end to create a valley through the center of the round. The center will be about 1/8" thick while the ends will be thicker. Or you may press the rounded handle of a knife into the dough to achieve the same results. Keep the rolling pin or knife handle dusted with flour as you work. Carefully brush each round to within 1/4" of the edges with the melted butter. This will allow the baked roll to open as a pocket.

Fold over the round of dough so the cut edges just meet. Pinch with the fingers to seal, and press the folded edge (the hinge) securely. Place each roll about 1/2" apart on a baking sheet as it's completed. Repeat with the remainder of the dough, as desired.

Bowknots and rosettes (24 pieces): With your palms, roll each dough half into a 12" rope. Divide the rope into 12 pieces. Roll each into a slender 8" rope. For a bowknot, tie each into a simple knot. For a rosette, tie a simple knot and bring one end up and through the center of the knot, bringing the other end over the side and under. Place on a baking sheet 1" apart; press the ends to the sheet to keep them from untying.

Butterhorns and Crescents (16 pieces): Roll each dough half into a 8" circle. Let the dough relax for 3 or 4 minutes before cutting into 8 wedges with a pastry wheel or knife. Roll up the wedge, toward the point, pulling and stretching the dough slightly as you roll. For butterhorns, place each on the baking sheet with the points under. For crescents, roll the wedge in the same manner but curve each into a crescent as it is placed on the baking sheet.

Cloverleaf (12 pieces): With your palms, roll each dough half into a 16" rope. If the rope draws back, allow it to relax for 3 or 4 minutes before proceeding. Cut each roope into 18 pieces. Shape each into a small ball; place 3, in triangle formation, in each muffin cup.

Fan-Tans (24 pieces):
Roll each dough half into an 8" x 16" rectangle - twice as long as it is wide. If the dough pulls back, let it relax for a few minutes. Brush with melted butter. With a pastry wheel or knife, cut the dough across the narrow width into five 1-1/2" strips. Stack the 5 strips and cut the stack into 12 pieces. Place each into a 2-1/2" muffin cup with the cut side of the dough up.

Pan Rolls (24 pieces): With your hands roll each dough half into a 12" rope. Cut into 12 pieces. Shape each into a tight ball under a cupped palm. Arrange in the pan.
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