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Originally Posted by Cocoanut Koala View Post
So the funny thing is, the eggy separater worked great! I have always separated eggs by passing the yolk back and forth between the egg shell halves, but this was easier! And more fun. I love eggy stuff. I even made my Eggy Egg Whisk to sell on SL and posted it. Then this guy took a picture of his eggy egg whisk irl, in front of his monitor looking at MY SL egg whisk on the monitor. (Which my avatar was using obscenely. That was posted on the old SC, I believe; some of you might remember that!)

Anyway, back to the sauce.

Puke green, is what it is. As I'm stirring it, I consider the likelihood of hubby actually eating this. Bad enough he already saw the dog food part.

So I threw it out. Waste of two eggs. Made it again, with the mushrooms and the stock, and finished by adding some of the herbs from the other recipe. Put it in the refrigerator for tomorrow night. Froze the leftover mushroom puree; threw out the parsley.

I don't know how the sauce tastes yet, but it smells okay. I'll work with it more tomorrow night. I hope the new dish comes out okay, too. After that, I'll post pics as per usual.
Considering i make a lot of sauces with thai basil that involve processing and the colour isn't gorgeous I doubt that would turn me off.

I am going to try this on some pink (humpback) salmon fillets I have.
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