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I have made the sauce. If I'd realized it would make puke green sauce, I would have chosen one of the others.

I will never, as God is my witness, purée parsley again.

First off, hubby comes home from work just as I finished purreeing the mushrooms, and was forcing them through the sieve.

It looks exactly like very bad dog food.

"What's that," he says.

"Don't worry," I say, "this is for tomorrow night, for a sauce. It's just mushrooms. It will be all right."

Then I fed him tonight's dinner, which was chicken casserole and fresh spinach.

Then I go back to the sauce. One of the reasons I said I might alter it is I plan to put it over a chicken wrapped in philo dish (which I've also never made before), and it has it's own Sabayon sauce, so I thought I might combine parts of the two sauces.

In the end, though, I made the sauce above, with the exception that I made it over a double boiler, as opposed to over direct heat, as the recipe says. Me, I always think things of this type are better done in a double boiler.

It was fun separating the eggs, because it gave me the chance to use my Eggy Egg Separater, which I hadn't had the chance to yet:

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