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The Fourth Dimension needs a new home...
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Default The Fourth Dimension needs a new home...

At the end of the month, Black Iron Rose will be no longer.

I'm looking for a parcel I can buy and have in my name and pay someone rent, a parcel that can fit the dimensions of 52x100.

I'm hoping to find a parcel that SOMEWHERE in the sky (no matter how high, provided I can set the landing point there and people can still teleport there) I can find a place to put my club that if my view distance is set for 250m, I can't see anything else around. My club is never very crowded and it's very light on scripts and prims.

Maybe that's asking too much, I don't know--I've been spoiled where I'm at--at my club I can set the view distance for 500m and still not see anything else in view (I'm also 3,100m up, which is fine).

A pair of pants. Oh yeah, and a shirt. And boots. And stuff.

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