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Default News and Info :)

Just to keep you all in the picture, you may have noticed things have got very quiet since I dropped the last test build onto the download spot, well down to whats been happening.

Firstly the viewer will soon be changing to the new Autobuild setup with the associated changes to the windows development system. Now of course on the wiki apparently this is just a simple command and voila new viewer........ oh if only that was the case :/

Not to go into many details but as per usual when these big changes occur there is minimal information which is either wrong or downright misleading, not to mention the almost un-believable linux centric development assumptions, which do not help. It's a most strange situation when your userbase for a good portion use windows and the biggest or most concentrated effort seems to revolve around another OS. Not wanting to get into a big discussion over this as I detest all operating systems equally :) But it has caused quite a few problems...

Anyway new SDK's, updated Cygwin(Unix tools) thanks for not mentioning the extra requirements LL! service packs , hotfixes and creation of KL autobuild packages, all this has taken and will take alot of time and effort.

There is also a growing black cloud over the increasing differences between the mesh code and viewer-development which will cause a MAJOR headache when they finally collide.

However with all these problems aside expect RC1 of Build 7 in the not too distant future

Lots of Love , a very busy KL :D

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