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Originally Posted by Oryx Tempel View Post
Today Trout and I went to the Yelm Food Co-Op and found some great sources of local milk, yogurts and cheeses. Check out,, and, all within 100 miles of Yelm. We bought a cheese, a bottle of pasturized 2% milk, and one of whole raw milk, just for taste tests. The raw milk reminds me of the milk that I drank in France from my host family's neighbor's dairy. So good!

Surreal: Yup, we have tons of jars for canning. I'm not sure what we'll do this summer for canning fruit - last year we used a ton of sugar. Re: Vinegar: I forgot to add that to my List, but we do have roughly 2 gallons right now. We're picking up more from a friend at the end of June, and there's a local apple orchard here in town - I'm hoping they make their own cider vinegar, because I really don't want to deal with making our own.
When do you start bottling and selling "Trout and Oryx's Fiery Hot BBQ Sauce"?
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