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Bragging rights
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Default Bragging rights

I belong to a corp called Suddenly Ninjas. Our function is to serve as a bane for carebears who believe they and their activities are safe and secure in high security space. We're not the only corporation which serves this function; we probably weren't even the first. And to be honest, there's no real way of determining whether or not we are the "best" at it. But we have fun.

We get up to all sorts of hijinks. Those for which we are most notorious are mission invasions, which we occasionally lose. But in our travels, sometimes we see a ship so juicy we can't resist, and will lower ourselves to suicide ganking.

When the target - mission runner or suicide gank - pops, we can salvage and loot their wreck. Unlike the NPCs, players can fit their ships with some valuable modules, and we can scoop up the ones that drop and sell them for a tidy profit. Sometimes the loot is garbage, sometimes it's fairly decent, and once in a great while it's so epic that it makes the front page of Massively. (more)

In the interests of fairness, I did not participate in that particular gank; but we at SN have a lot of team spirit.
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