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So.... Bunnie and I watched Avatar. Not Avatar: The Last Airbender, just Avatar. I have to say, there was some rather impressive visuals in the film. CGI was kicking ass and takin names for sure.

The plot, on the other hand.

And what's with the length? Chop it down an hour, less fluff and quicken the pace, and it's a good movie. Due to it's mind-numbing length, I doubt I'll repeat it.

I had 2012 in the que to give it another shot (I watched it for about 12-20 minutes and was unimpressed. Then I recall why.... it's damn near 3 hours. Seriously how many action sequences can you cram into a Cusack film? I'm down with John, he's a good actor, but 2:40 is snoozeville.


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