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Fuck you. I'm not a n00b.

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Around Me - for quick finding of common destinations like banks, gas stations, fast food
Shazam - for tagging music from any source to locate it for purchase
IFlash, FilterFX, PS Mobile, SplashColor, Mill Colour - all photo editing apps
pic2shop - barcode scanning device for finding items cheaper
DateCalcPro - finding out how many days between dates
TMZ - celebrity gossip
Facebook - self explanatory
Flickd - uploading images from your phone to flickr
Wordpress - for blogging
LastFM, Pandora, Slacker - internet radio apps
Tapatalk - VBulletin forum viewing
Bargain Bin - alerts you to when specified app prices are lowered
Mapquest - directions
Kindle - free book reader
Grouper - adding groups to your contacts if you don't have mobile me
Puff! - blow in your phone and upskirt squealing asian ladies
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