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Originally Posted by Jorus View Post
I know that he ran one of the biggest and best blogging sites for Ultima Online and I'm fairly sure he used his fame from that to catapult himself into the industry.

And yeah he was a db dev.

Google "Lum the mad" and you'll come up with his wikipedia article.

Bet you guys didn't know that you knew someone famous from these forums. I'm pretty sure I PK'd him once in UO

EDIT: oh lord he's working for Richard Garriot now. I'm not sure what to think about that. On one hand I loved the old Ultima games, on the other Richard hasn't put anything out that's been worth a shit since Ultima 7 and Ultima Online, and from reading the description of the game the only thing it has going for it is Richard Garriots name. Typing responses to NPC's? That sounds like a wishy washy mechanic that's going to get frustrating fast. Well at least it will be a return of the old GUARDS BANK A KILL macro's only someone will probably add "ACCEPT QUEST" to the end of it.

Conditional PVP flagging on quests. Well ok, I mean I'd like it because I'm a dickhead but it's going to frustrate carebears to no end.
I just watched an alpha build of the game and it looks an awful lot like someone hasn't played an MMO since UO. Unnecessary bag overlays, drag and dropping loot instead of a hoover/autoloot. I hope Lum is being a naysmith over there, because there is absolutely no need for me to interact with a fucking bag on a corpse when in most modern MMO's I just like... push V.
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