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So 2 years ago, my mom passed away which sucked...but she was very good at saving. Not enough to make me a trust fund kid, but enough to comfortablize myself for a while.

Also enough to make it OK to quit my job and go back to school when I saw the 23 year-old with a degree come in to my workplace at double my salary and leave 3 months later at double that jealousy, the kid was brilliant, but ya need a degree...

So I went back to school for a semester and a summer course, then got an email from a headhunter about a California. Flew out, interviewed and blew it, but fell in love with the area and resolved to move no matter what...flew out and found an apartment, and another headhunter called, different job, same industry I've been in for interview this time, aced it, and got almost double my old I guess ya don't need a degree?

Anyways...I've been with v since 2012, we moved out here to Southern California in December with our dog and cat (I flew with the cat, she drove with the dog), adopted another dog a couple months ago, and life is pretty darn cool.

And my son is coming to visit next week...I haven't seen him in 7 months and I'm too excited to even speak about it without tearing up...

Also, he's 22 now y'all doin'?
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