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To be fair, Algiers (or Gulfport, or Baton Rouge) were disaster areas as well. They were just in bad straits, not literally obliterated zones of anarchy and starvation.

Also, to be fair, GLE is not a police officer (though he often seems to like to play one on the internet) and as a volunteer no doubt gave some assistance. Although I disagree with him on most things it's silly to assume that he drove all the way to Louisiana just to not do anything. It's likely that given the situation volunteers simply weren't allowed into New Orleans proper as it was quite literally a war zone. And at the time there was so much help needed even the Mexican Army was trucking in water. It sounds like a joke but it really happened.

That being said, laughing at people like Shepard Smith, who *were* in a war zone at the time, is somewhat odd. It reminds me of people like Sean Hannity who were desperate to find any reason to excuse the people in power for allowing such a thing to happen, and instead pointing fingers everywhere else.
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