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There might be something wrong with it, or with some brands of it, but I agree, they just want their cut of it.

A little aside: As for breaking the law if you have to, go for it. I'm convinced that as time goes on, more and more ordinary people will be breaking the law. Even people who try not to break the law will probably be criminals somehow.

Me, I plan to be as law-abiding as I always was, no matter what. I used to think it was good for everybody. No more. I don't encourage my children to break the law, but I gotta tell ya, if they have to, I won't consider it as bad as I once would have.

And if the government messes with me and the stuff I need to survive, I'll break the law, too, and hope I don't get caught. (Not by taking from others, though. Not that kind of law-breaking.)

It's paranoid of me, I suppose, but the things coming down the pike will easily make criminals of all of us - not necessarily to go to jail over, but at least to get fined and taxed over.

We'll be breaking the law simply because many people won't be able to afford not to. Others will just want to do what they once did; things that were once legal. Others will need things to survive.

So for the coming generations, I say, to hell with the law. It won't protect you, and the government considers you its adversary. So . . . just don't get caught in whatever it is.

Complicated to explain; just feelings I have.


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