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Originally Posted by Lain (is Bams) View Post
This is something there's no way to address. Currently, at least for my purposes, there is no way to eject the terminal experience from my Linux environment. Doing so would severely limit my capacity to get things done, I can work much faster in Guake with multiple terminals open than I can process information in a GUI, and I personally find the stripped down experience it offers much more usable than some of the bloated interfaces being deployed.

But, what I do is a very specific thing and most people shouldn't need to enter the terminal much at all (Ubuntu has been striving to make it's experience more like the OSX experience where users don't have to be exposed to the terminal interface if they don't want to be).

Personally, I wish they would toss most of the ridiculous 'web interfaces' to devices, appliances, routers, servers, etc and just stick with the cli. Text only interfaces are faster to load, smaller footprint on your devices, and removes a useless point of access (because you're running shell services anyway, and now on top of that is a bloated, insecure web interface).
I'm the guy who forgets the lyrics to my own songs, I'm absolutely terrible with names. I need visual cues in my computer experiences. The CLI is all about memorizing names and syntax. If you can't remember the name, or the syntax for the commands and flags, you're screwed. There's no searching for the command, you MUST know the name (and then you MUST know the syntax--not all programs give you the usage instructions), and there's really nothing to help you find the name except for linux help forums and chatrooms.

I remember working with RedHat in like '01 or '02 and just trying to get my sound card working--I spent almost a month researching it, and the answer I found on a linux help forum was to edit 3 text files (each in totally different places) in a horrible text-only text editor that had strange shortcuts to do things as simple as saving (I think it was ctrl and W to save) and then type in at least 3 commands with lots of flags and syntax to make the operating system recognize the text files I had just edited. Over the next couple years I had to do that at least 2 other times as I tried newer versions of RedHat, I still never was able to memorize those command names or their syntax, I had to use the printout I made from the forum.

I remember the people on that forum making such a big deal over the fact that I didn't have to restart linux to install that device, they wanted me to tell them how wonderful that was, and I was like "yeah, this was just SO much more convenient than restarting". Somehow I doubt they got the sarcasm. I'm SO glad that sort of thing isn't nearly as required for Linux anymore. It really is a *totally* different experience than 10 years ago.
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