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Originally Posted by Fmeh View Post
Sorry ahead of time that this is long-winded--I'm looking over my post and going "sheesh!"........


A dual-boot might be an option if I just didn't have that Outlook problem--I'd only be able to see my emails when I'm logged into Windows, or I'd have a mess of hundreds of unsorted emails to deal with if I put them in a Linux email client.
Ok. Well I could tackle most of that with a tl;dr reply, but here's the bullet points:
  • Outlook will run under WINE (See Here)
  • SecondLife has a compressed package that you just unpack and go (as do most 3rd party viewers, and some report to be faster on Linux)
  • Yes the music creation tools for Linux suck. They have decent Video/Audio software for editing, but the creation tools blow
  • YAY Steam's coming to Linux
  • Ubuntu Software Center sucks, install Synaptic (a GUI catalog version of apt-get with search tools and such) and then you can add/remove repos (repositories are software catalogs that extend the base catalog you get with the distribution, and there are thousands upon thousands of options)
  • KDE sucks ballz. Use Gnome and customize the shit out of it
  • If you're adverse to the terminal that's a tough one, I spend much of my time there so you'd have to bang that off someone who doesn't. The gnome package has some good tools for tweaking that run in the gui
Maybe run one machine for your Windows must haves and keep another one for your intensive Web Browsing stuff and Outlook running some form of *nix?

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