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Originally Posted by Lain (is Bams) View Post
I just, wow.

Well.... there are several Firefox based projects that might provide a 64-bit option for you. If you're keeping 30 tabs open in Firefox on any Windows machine for more than a few hours I'd say you're doing quite well overall. Getting once a day resarts of Firefox, while not ideal, certainly isn't anything to be fretting over.

Chrome has poor thread management and tends to use too many processes to accomplish it's task. It also has the drawback of saturating your connections cap when it's trying to load and cache large sites. If you're getting a week with 30 tabs open, again you're doing quite well in the overall scheme of things.

Why are you NOT running a Linux machine? I mean, seriously. Linux is better suited to workloads like this and doesn't have the task management issues that Windows has. Linux also has 64-bit versions of both browsers as well, and while the current iteration of the Ubuntu GUI is for shit, it's really simple to roll it back into a more Windowesque environment.

Are there Windows only applications or games you're stuck with? Ever consider running a dual-boot setup?
Sorry ahead of time that this is long-winded--I'm looking over my post and going "sheesh!"........

I use Outlook (from Office 2010), with powerful rules that can be set for a number of different things, I've not seen anything on any other platform nearly as powerful.

All the video editors I've seen for Linux so far are just crap. My music-creation machine, which I don't game on, requires windows for the programs I use, sure I could use the Linux version of Renoise but then I'd not be able to use any of the dozens and dozens of VST instruments and instrument packs I've built up over the years, going linux on that machine is just out-of-the-question, it's not even an option, at all. But I'm not having problems on my music machine, so I guess that's null

Right now I still can't play my favorite Steam games on Linux. That's changing, but right now that's still the case.

I like keeping up with interfaces--right now there's nothing like Windows 7 (KDE, the new one is just rubbish with widgets you can't get rid of, and the new Gnome isn't so great either) except for Unity which forces everything on the left side of the screen and to get to your programs you have to know their names and type them into the interface--sure, you find them quickly but you have to know the name, there's no searching for programs via icons or searching them from a list.

I don't like how you have to install programs in Linux that aren't in that special list "Ubuntu Software Center" or similar thing, and a LOT of programs aren't in that list, including Second Life. In the case that an executable isn't available, which happens quite a bit with Linux software, you have to build it yourself, and if it's an old program where the libraries versions have changed their syntax for the way they're used, you're screwed as far as "making" the program, totally screwed unless you go through all the code and replace every occurrence of one syntax with another. Madness. I never have to deal with that kind of thing with Windows. Sure, "sudo apt get install" is very powerful, but I'd rather not have to memorize commands and names of things--I'm bad with names of things--good with remembering numbers, bad with names.

In windows I never have to deal with a terminal interface when things don't work quite right. With Windows if I have hardware that it doesn't auto-recognize I don't have to deal with a terminal interface, I don't have to type commands.


A dual-boot might be an option if I just didn't have that Outlook problem--I'd only be able to see my emails when I'm logged into Windows, or I'd have a mess of hundreds of unsorted emails to deal with if I put them in a Linux email client.
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