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Originally Posted by Fmeh View Post
I usually have 30 or so tabs open. Firefox has memory leaks, so does Chrome but they're not as bad. I have to restart Firefox about every day or every other day or it just builds up. With Chrome when this eventually happens, which can take up to a week, it slows down EVERYTHING, not just Chrome, so I stick with Firefox because at least it's not going to mess off other programs running.
I just, wow.

Well.... there are several Firefox based projects that might provide a 64-bit option for you. If you're keeping 30 tabs open in Firefox on any Windows machine for more than a few hours I'd say you're doing quite well overall. Getting once a day restarts of Firefox, while not ideal, certainly isn't anything to be fretting over.

Chrome has poor thread management and tends to use too many processes to accomplish it's task. It also has the drawback of saturating your connections cap when it's trying to load and cache large sites. If you're getting a week with 30 tabs open, again you're doing quite well in the overall scheme of things.

Why are you NOT running a Linux machine? I mean, seriously. Linux is better suited to workloads like this and doesn't have the task management issues that Windows has. Linux also has 64-bit versions of both browsers as well, and while the current iteration of the Ubuntu GUI is for shit, it's really simple to roll it back into a more Windowesque environment.

Are there Windows only applications or games you're stuck with? Ever consider running a dual-boot setup?

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